Commissioned to Heal - a Web Published Manuscript*

By Rev. Al Durrance


Chapter I - The Commissions to Heal

The Commissions Are Healing

What about Good Works?

Seek First the Kingdom 

The Decision

Will, Feelings and Ability


Chapter 2 - Seek Ye First the Kingdom 

Study Is To Learn About God

Prayer Is To Come To Know God

Prayer Is Listening


Chapter 3 - Sent To Proclaim

Proclaim the Kingdom Not Hell

Original Sin

Why the fall?

The Heresies of Love

Proclaiming the Kingdom


Chapter 4 - Go Cast Out Demons

Inner Healing

Healing Of Memories

The Impact of Memories

The Reality of the Demonic

Multiple Personality Disorder

Spells and Curses


Chapter 5 - Heal the Sick

The Role of Death in Healing

A Starting Point

How Do We Pray?

For Whom Do We Pray?


Chapter 6 - Teaching Them to Observe

Law or Grace


Revelation or Inclination?


Chapter 7 - Make Disciples of Every Nation

Baptism, Admission into the Family of God

The Nature of the Community

How Do We Go?



Chapter 8 - Whose Soever Sins Ye Remit

Christ in Our Place

Christ as Revealer

Sin as Bondage

Sin as Apathy

Sin as Flesh Rather Than Spirit


Chapter 9 - Authority

Christian Authority

Satanic Authority


Chapter 10 - Power From On High

Led By the Spirit

Changed By the Spirit

Used By the Spirit




*This work is NOT copyrighted and is to be distrubuted and used to the glory of God, after all, it is His. 

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