The normal context for Christian Healing ministry is a community of God's love where He can send His people to be loved into wholeness. While privacy is to be respected and confidentiality kept sacred, there must be at least one loving person to whom a seeker can relate completely and without fear.

Everyone of us needs at least one SAFE person. We need someone to whom we can open our entire hidden life without fear of rejection. There is a need for a praying person who will help us bring all of our needs to God without criticism. There is a need for a counselor who is willing to share the sensitive things of her own life as a means to help us handle ours.

When someone is going through inner healing of any kind, they are experiencing changes within that impact the very ground of their own identity. As God begins to remove or alter some of the interior forces that have determined my behavior in the past, there is a time of readjustment in getting acquainted with the new ME.

When I do not react to the same things in the same way, I must have time to adjust to those basic changes God has wrought. There may be a new freedom in my life, but there is also a strangeness to the new. When I am not compelled by some force that has determined a lot of my life, I may be freer than before, but I must also find an appropriate way to act. When the old me is changed, I need to practice becoming the new ME.

When we are involved in Inner Healing, we must be aware of the needs of those who come seeking healing. We are not to pray and assume that it is a done deal. We are to continue to pray for the complete healing of the person, and we are to seek to surround that person in love until the new person begins to emerge.


When I make a confession to God in the presence of another person, I often find a freedom from guilt that I have not known before. I must practice forgiving myself, and others. When my habitual guilt has become a way of life to me, I must practice habitual reception of grace if I am to learn that it is permissible for me to be free from the fear that tells me that I have no right to be normal.

There is a need for someone to love me and help me receive the changes that are occurring within me, and which leave me wondering about what others see happening in me. There must be someone who is available to me, one that I can call, who will listen to me talk my way through the changes I am experiencing as God begins to set me free within from the images that have held me bondage in the past.

When I experience Healing of Memories, my reaction patterns will often change. I no longer react to the past from which I have been set free. I must learn how to respond to God in the present. I must be able to assimilate the new found freedom that I have been given and develop the habit of seeking God's will in the present that I might grow out of my bondage to the past and learn to live with God in the now.

As I seek to walk with God in the present, I would do well to have someone with whom I could share the changes that are occurring within. As I move out of one set of bondages, God is free to bring another set to the level of consciousness. When He does, I will need prayer for the new one He reveals. God is not equipping me to live in isolation. He is equipping me to live in a community, and become an expression of His presence to the others in that community.

When I experience some form of deliverance, whether it is from Satan or some spirit of the flesh or some alter ego or some other bondage that grips me from within, I need someone who will be available to me to talk my way through the transition to become free to walk in Holy Spirit rather than be compelled by some spirit of bondage.

If I have been walking out a path that is chosen by Satan, I need to learn to walk in the Spirit in a path that is chosen by God. If I have been walking a path wherein I have been driven by anger or fear, I must learn to walk in the Fruit of the Spirit which are the character of Jesus Christ, the love and joy and peace being formed in me.


When ministering using any of the inner healing tools, the prayer team should be ready to help the seeker find some measure of after care. There is no way that we can force fellowship on anyone who does not desire it, but we can make sure that it is available to them.

Inner healing is much like tending a garden. The intent of the garden is to bear fruit. There are times when the weeds make the plants of the garden unfruitful. We pray to remove weeds from the garden so the fruit might grow. Confession will not generate the love which must displace the guilt, but it will get rid of the guilt and unforgiveness that seem to block the growth of the love. We remove the weeds where they are choking the fruit.

The prayers for the healing of memories will not make people respond in love, but it will remove the weeds that keep the people from responding in love. They must learn to bear the fruit when the weeds are gone from the garden so the fruit is free to grow.

Someone who is set free from some spiritual bondage through a ministry of deliverance or exorcism will not be free until they are bearing fruit. Holy Spirit must enter to bring forth the fruit of the Spirit. Pulling weeds will not bear fruit, but it will set the garden free to grow fruit that is no longer bound by the weeds.

We should stay in touch with the seeker so that more prayer might be offered where it is needed. There should be an ear available for them to talk through some of the inner feelings so they might get a grip on the new freedom that must find expression as it grows within the seeker.

There must be a development of a personal prayer life in the one who is seeking more freedom. The prayer team must be prepared to help the seeker find someone who can help them with that quest. There would be great help in frequent visits the altar for Holy Communion, and where it is indicated, further Confession and the Absolution which follows.

It would be helpful to anyone who does not have a Rule of Life that will help them bring order into their lives. It is a matter of deciding what is needed for growth into the new person who is being set free from bondage to walk in the freedom of God's loving presence.

Does my discipline in seeking my new life include an adequate practice of prayer? Am I making it a point to be prepared when I come to the altar for Holy Communion to give my entire being to God as my offering, and receive His resurrection life as His offering to me? Am I willing to read the Holy Scriptures regularly to receive the revelation that God gives me there? Am I willing to share with others the love God has given to me.

Am I in some relationship with at least one person who will hold me accountable for keeping my Rule so that I do not lay aside an area that is unpleasant.

Inner Healing is not just another pray and go operation. It is a process of change in which the person who has received the ministry must then find stability within the community of God's love wherein they found the healing power of God that set them free.

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