Rev. Alfred L. Durrance

Al Durrance was born and reared in Florida. He got his education in the public school system, attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, AL to get his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering in 1949. He served for a year of active duty in the USNR at the close of World War II and two years in Chemical Corps research during the Korean conflict. After three years of working in the agricultural field in Florida, Al attended the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest and received his Bachelor of Divinity in 1958. He was ordained June 30, 1958, and served in parish work for over thirty years. He retired from parish work in 1988 and was elected North American Warden of the Order of St. Luke the Physician in 1989 where he served for five years. At the end of his term, he and his wife, Julia moved back to Ocala, Florida where they now reside. Al still travels around doing renewal and healing missions. In addition to his work with the Order of St. Luke, he is also a speaker at Camps Farthest Out. The series of tracts that appear here are his effort to establish a study program for those who are interested in learning more about Christian healing.

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What is Christian Healing?
What is Prayer?

Why not pray Now?

General Healing
Healing is Spelled L*O*V*E
Prevention of Sickness
Psychiatry and the Spirit
Blocks to healing
Healing through Confession
Vocation and Healing
Healing of Relationships
Healing the Body
The Role of Disease and Pain
Stress: Being Torn by Inadequate Gods
Time/Space and Intercession
Studies on Healing
A Study on Healing of Community
A Study on Healing of the Soul
A Study on Healing of the spirit
A Study on Healing the Mind
Tools for the Kingdom
Anointing and Laying on of Hands
Healing of Memories / Inner Healing
Healing of Memories
After Care for Inner Healing
Deeper Healing Ministries
Beyond a Healing Service
Intercessory and Soaking Prayer
Spiritual Warfare
Unclean Spirits
Multiple Personality Disorder
Initiative in Life
What is Discipleship
Developing a Rule of Life
The Ministry of Deliverence/Exorcism
Introduction to Deliverance Ministry
Pracitcal Instruction on Deliverance
Fear and the Roots of Sin
The Fall of Man
Christian Hope
The Law and the Gospel
The Two Creations of God
Perception, Reality, and Actuality
Seeing Death as the Door to the Kingdom
Reaction and Idols
Jesus Loves You
Where do We Stand with Jesus
The Kingdom of God
Knowing God
End Times
New Age or New Creation
Reflections on the Cross
Christian Authority
Holy Communion, Special Services or Events
An outline for a Prayer Laboratory
The Healing Power of  Holy Communion
A Healing Eucharist Service
Conducting a World Prayer Broadcast
Other Things
The Lord's Prayer
An Article on Sexual Bondage
Sexual Bondage
Purpose of Sex
Episcopal Church Whats and Whys
How Do We Celebrate Christmas

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