The symptoms of Dissociative or Multiple Personality Disorder are often the same as an indwelling spirit. Since it is seen as a dis ease of the soul, we might take a look at what it seems to be, and how we might minister to those who are faced with the problem.

There are people who are dissociative in their dealing with the trauma in their lives. When the crunch comes, some alter leaves the host person, and "comes out" to protect them in the circumstances which cause the trauma.

Once out, they do not readily reenter the host. They take up a residence of their own in the body, and seek, from time to time, to use the body for their own ends. Any stress stimulus that comes to the host may allow any one of a number of alter personalities to step into the driver's seat, so to speak, and run the corporate life within the body.

The need is integrity. The healing would require that the alters agree to reenter the host from which they sprang. That is not as simple as it might sound. They came out on their own, and they have a life of their own. They each have a definite personality.


If there is trauma at the root of the alter, then it seems good to seek the healing of the trauma through the Healing of Memories. The memory is not as simple as in those who are at one with themselves. There are two perceptions of the trauma, first that of the host and then of the alter.

Since the conscious part of the host at the time of the trauma is in the alter, he may not remember what happened at the conscious level. The alter sees the host as being abused. Both are angry at God for not doing something about the abuse, and both need to forgive four people, the perpetrator, the host, the alter, and Jesus. When that is done, Jesus may be invited to come into the picture to heal the memory and bring about the resolution of the alter's relationship to the host.

There are some who do not believe that forgiveness of the perpetrator is necessary, but if it is not done, the hook in the memory remains to plague the host as well as the alter. If it is done, the alter will frequently return to its place within the host, and the person will enjoy the integrity they lost with the dissociation.

If the alter is willing to forgive, then the process seems to be rather simple, though not always easy. It takes time for the transaction of forgiveness and patience with the alter who has to reevaluate and decide what they will do. The process amounts to healing the cause, and allowing the fragments to be restored to order.


The first step is for the host to become aware of the fact that there are alters. When they acknowledge the presence of the alters, they can allow them to talk to others in a dialog about the origin and cause of their being there.

It is important to let the alter know that they are of great importance to the host and the host to them. They are to be accepted as having a will of their own, and led to see that they are not able to protect the host, and are no longer needed as an alter, that both the alter and the host will benefit from their reentry into the host to work as one.

Most alters will tell you the time and circumstances of their origin, and if they are willing to forgive, you can ask them to go back to that place to forgive. When that is made articulate, you can ask Jesus to go to that place and time to enable them to release the unforgiveness, hate and fear. After Jesus has made the connection, assure them that there is no further need for them to protect the host. Jesus will take care of the host and of them.

Let them know that they will find wholeness back in the host and they will be able to supply the need of the host for what was lost when the alter came out. They will both be whole if they are willing to go back and take their place. Often the reentry is simple. Each alter has a will of its own, there are times when it takes more time than others.

It seems important that they be willing to articulate their forgiveness of Jesus. Their question is, "Why didn't He do something?" The answer is, "He loves you, and He is trying to do something now as we are willing to receive it. Are you willing to forgive? You may not be able to forgive or feel like forgiving, but if you are willing, He is able to set you free."

When they are willing, ask Jesus to enable the reentry to occur and knit together the fabric of the host that was torn when the alter came out. The goal we are seeking is to bring the person to Jesus so He can bring the person to wholeness.


I do not like to work with a person over an hour at a time when I am doing any inner healing work. It seems to be very tiring for the person receiving the ministry, whether Healing of Memories, Exorcism or working with alters. It seems better to allow a time for rest and reordering within.

A concern raised by a friend who suffers from severe DPD is not to reintroduce a large number of alters at one time. Without a time of adjustment, there might be undue stress put on the person who is having to reintegrate the old parts that have been absent from the host for some time.

It seems wise to work with a few at a time, as the Lord leads, the person is able, and the alters are willing. Leave time for the inner adjustment that is required. That allows the restoration to take place with less additional trauma.


Anyone who encounters the problem and is asked for help might do the work that is needed to set the people free. We are not dealing with spiritual warfare wherein we are face to face with demonic forces. There is nothing to fear. We are dealing with the parts of a person who are trying to come together as one again.

A familiarity with the ministry of Healing Memories would be helpful since there is an element of healing the traumatic memory involved in the process. There is a need for the minister to be familiar with the nature of forgiveness and the grace Jesus gives to enable us to offer the forgiveness that we are willing, but are not able, to release.


Satanic Ritual Abuse is a condition that is created by the intentional torture of a person (usually a child) so that they will dissociate. The effort is made to generate alters that may be used to control the person later in cultic life.

While we do not run into such cases every day, there are more of them than I would like to think in our culture. If and when you encounter one who has been ritually abused, it would be wise to seek help from someone who has dealt with the problem in others.

People who have been subjected to SRA have an incredible number of alters, and most of them are programmed to react to particular stimuli for particular control purposes. Needless to say, all alters have a personality of their own, and must be engaged with that in mind.

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