When Jesus sent the disciples to cast out demons, He was sending them to clean up the heart or the soul, the interior life where evil dwelt. He was telling them to clean up the area of motivation and conflict that forms our personality. When we translate that into ministry, we might call it Inner Healing. It is the effort to eliminate negative conflicts and invite Holy Spirit to bring an integrity grounded in the reality of Jesus presence within us.


Spiritual Warfare is not simply a matter of casting out demons. It is also enabling people to be set free from bondage to other people and to the past. It is a setting free from attachment to the world in order to walk in the Kingdom of God.

There must be a cleansing from guilt which stands between us and God, or us and others whom we love. The source of the guilt may be forgiven, but the guilt itself must also be removed. We are not comfortable in the presence of someone in whose presence our own guilt is illuminated. (See tract on Confession)

There are areas of trauma recorded in the memories of our hearts from the past. They need release and redemption by the presence of Jesus being introduced into the perceived record. It is for the cleansing of the heart that we might be set free rather than brought into bondage by our past. (See tract on Healing Memories)

There are frequently demons to be cast out. They appear to be entities with their own identity (not parts of ourselves) which have found their way into our hearts to impose feelings and actions we do not will. There are vows to be renounced and spells and incantations to be broken that we might be set free to walk with God. (See tract on Spiritual Warfare)


Since casting out demons involves the elimination of negatives, we must also look to accentuate the positive. Where we have sought to eliminate guilt, we might seek to accentuate forgiveness and love. We seek God's forgiveness for ourselves and for others. We seek to release our forgiveness to set others free. (See tract on Forgiveness)

Since we have sought to eliminate reactions to past experiences through the Healing of Memories, we are to seek to put on Christ that we might respond to Him instead, being led by the Spirit of God.

Since we have cast out demons whose character was destructive, we seek to let Holy Spirit incarnate the presence of Jesus, the Fruit of the Spirit, in their place within, so that we might become the presence of His incarnate love for others.

Since we can "do no good thing without Him," we seek to allow Holy Spirit to incarnate Jesus through us, the gifts of the Spirit, for others. (See tract on Holy Spirit)

The goal we seek is to find our own vocation and be set free to walk in that vocation with Jesus Christ, equipped with everything that we need to fulfill the purpose of which we have been created by God.


1. Are we willing to confess our sins (not explain them) to God and forgive others that we might be forgiven?

2. Are we willing to help others find a way to do the same in their lives?

3. Are we willing to have our own memories redeemed and help others do the same?

4. Are we willing to have our own bondage to people, places and things broken, and pray for others to find the same freedom?

5. Are we willing to have any spirits within us cast out, and allow God to use us to the same for others?

6. Are we willing to ask Jesus to remit any spells or incantations for ourselves as well as others?

7. Are we willing to seek the infilling of Holy Spirit to fill the voids within us, and incarnate Jesus in our bodies?

8. Are we willing to pray the same for others?







1. Using the tract on Confession discuss Confession in your group. Those who desire to try Confession may make their examination and confess their sins to God in the presence of a minister, who is willing to exercise the authority Jesus gave to the church to forgive sins. Share what the experience meant to you with the group.

2. Pray for each other about some particular trauma in the past, inviting Jesus to go back in time to that place, and reveal Himself in that situation. Use visualization to see Him there. He was there, we just didn't perceive Him. If you have not prayed in this manner before, you may try using the prayers from the tract on Healing of Memories.

3. If anyone in the group seems to have an anger or fear that intrudes on their will, try casting the spirit out in the Name of Jesus as suggested in the chaplains' manual or the tract on Spiritual Warfare. (If there is any fear of trying to cast out a spirit, do not try it. Fear is not a tool of God but of Satan. Perfect loves casts out fear.

4. If anyone suspects they are under some spell seek to break it in the Name of Jesus.

5. Share the experience of these ministries in the group

6. Pray for each member that God increase His Holy Spirit in each one to bring forth more abundantly and maturely, the Fruit of the Spirit. ( I like to ask for each of the Fruit individually.) Pray for God to increase the Gift of Wisdom. All Christians need wisdom and the Fruit. If anyone feels led to seek the Gift of Tongues or some other gift, pray that God will grant that gift and any other which they will need to fulfill their vocation.

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