The World Prayer Broadcast which we experience at a CFO is the culmination the prayer work done in that camp during the week. It happens when the people who have been praying together during the week come together in one accord to offer to God the capacity for prayer energy that they have built up during the week that He might use it to bring peace to the world.

Experimental prayer is not simply the individual efforts that we make to get closer to God’s will in our lives. It is our corporate effort to become more effectively the Body of Christ. We are to become Jesus interceding for the world through us. It is the summation of our efforts to live the week as nearly as we are able in the Kingdom of God.

If we are going to look toward some measure of unity, we would do well to have at least one prayer objective that we share in common. It would be something that would draw us into one accord as we sought God’s will in our prayers and prayed "Thy will be done..nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.." Perhaps it would be helpful if the Council Ring could ask the Lord what the prayer burden of the particular camp is to be, and share that with the prayer groups so they might share that one prayer objective through the week, and add to it the other prayers of the group each day.

The separate prayer groups would have the one prayer objective they share with the rest of the camp, and they would ask God to tell them what their offering was to be at the World Prayer Broadcast. They would listen together for God’s will for their particular group, that they would bring their part of the symphony to the broadcast. From the opening of the camp until the end, they would seek to come into one accord, and then select one of their members to voice that portion of the camp’s Prayer Broadcast while the rest of the group stood by in support.


When we begin our prayer work together, we are in the same place, at the same time, seeking to do the same thing. As we pray together, come to know one another and share with one another, something else happens. We come into one accord, we are made more than the sum of the persons present. We become a single expression of the Body of Christ in that place where we pray together. We multiply our capacity to communicate the power that God may pour through us for the world.

The movement from "in the same place" to "one accord" is like beginning with ten one inch pipes with the flow of prayer. The ten offer ten times the flow that one would offer. When the ten are made one, it multiplies the area of flow by another ten times. It enhances the flow of God’s power and love, not simply by addition, but by multiplication.

As the camp shares one common prayer objective, and the groups give themselves to praying "Thy will be done.." The entire camp is drawn into one accord, and God is given a much greater prayer resource for Him to use to reach out and touch His world to bring peace.

The World Prayer Broadcast can certainly be a part of the life of the camp without all of the preparation through the prayer groups, but it cannot be as effective in offering God the tool that He asks of us. It is most complete when every man, woman and child in the camp is there in one accord to offer themselves to God a living sacrifice as a channel through which He might pour His healing love through us into the world for which Christ died.


Perhaps we would start with the prayer preparation by sharing the purpose of prayer as getting to know God, and to seek His will in all things. Make it known that we are seeking to build a body of praying people who will not only pray at the same time, but will learn to pray together as the Spirit brings us into one accord as the Body of Christ in each group and in the entire camp as we come together at the close of camp in the World Prayer Broadcast. The common prayer objective that God has given to the Council Ring will be shared so that the groups can pray for that common objective a portion of each day. There will be ample time to pray for the other issues that will be brought to the group if we are focused on God’s will. The praying as a group for the various needs brought to the group bring them together in the Spirit. I


When the groups meet there is a need for introductions that the members might come to know each other. It is a good practice for the members to make a list of the people and pray for them daily at the time of the morning meditation.

The group should experience some silence in seeking God’s direction for their prayer time. There should be a time of reflection so that each person might offer to the Lord their need to forgive or to ask forgiveness. God’s love does not flow well through human unforgiveness. In the time of silence the group should ask God to reveal what He wills them to bring as their portion of the offering to the World Prayer Broadcast. When He speaks to the members of the group let them share. By the end of the week, the vision will be clear. Select someone to be the voice of the group at the World Prayer Broadcast.

There should be opportunity for each person to bring their own individual prayer burdens that God has given them to bring to the group for prayer. In the sharing and in the praying for one another, something happens to grow the prayer group members together. It is in this effort to move toward praying in one accord that prepares the camp for the World Prayer Broadcast.



All that we do as the Body of Christ takes a decision. I will to place myself at God’s disposal, to be used in whatever way He chooses to use me. I will to be a part of the Body of Christ together with the people with whom He has placed me. I cannot do that with my own ego strength. I must rely fully on God’s grace. God does not need my ability. All He needs is my availability. I firmly purpose to be present for God in the life of prayer in this camp.

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