When we discern that someone is bound in some way by an assault of Satan from within or without, we may offer the ministry of exorcism or deliverance - casting out spirits from the interior, or through breaking the spells or curses that have been cast from the exterior.

Discussion of whether or not a Christian may be indwelt by a demon will never determine whether one does indeed live in someone's body with them. If there is a circumstance where a person acts contrary to their own will, there may well be some spirit that controls the action.

The way to determine whether a spirit is there, is to try casting it out. If it is not there, then we can look further. If it is there it will be removed. In either case we will be better able to minister to the person because we have some information we did not have initially.

If someone seems to have a spell of some sort on them, we should send the spell back to the sender. Spells cannot stay on a Christian without permission. They must return to sender and ground there in accord with Old Creation spirituality.


When we believe we are dealing with a spell or curse, we simply address the spell, "Spell of darkness, I command you in the Name of Jesus that you return to the one who sent you. You cannot ground here. This person belongs to Jesus Christ, and so you must return to the one who sent you."

I have learned to follow that command with, "Jesus, will you please go to that person who cast the spell and let them know that you love them too. Set them free from bondage to darkness and bring them into the light of your Kingdom." We have been told to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Mt 5:44

There does not seem to be a single method to use in the practice of exorcism. Some people stand in front of the person and look into their eyes to see what is happening within. I have been led to stand behind a person and put my hand in the small of their back. The discernment that I have is through the hand.

It is important to pray for protection before beginning the exorcism. The prayer that I have been led to use is a claim to the protection that I need from God. "I claim the power and protection of the Blessed Trinity from every spirit contrary to Holy Spirit, for all of those present and all of those near, and I call upon the power of the Name of the Jesus and the power of His Precious Blood that this child might be set free from all bondage.

We might begin by asking Jesus to cut through anything that might bind, and become a handle for a spirit which we are seeking to cast out. I will place my hand on top of the person's head and pray something like, "Lord, we ask that you take the sword of your Spirit and cut through any bonds that bind this child to any other person, to any thing, to any situation, or to himself or to his self image. Cut through any bondage to his mother or to his father or any other of his family. Cut through any bondage that binds him to himself or to his self image.

"Cut through any fear or terror or dread, any anxiety, worry or panic or tension, any unforgiveness, resentment, or hatred or murder, any self hate or self condemnation or self punishment. Cut through, Lord any self pity or depression or despair, any anger or hostility or repression, any hurt or fury or rage, Cut through any pride or vanity, any deceit, deception or distraction or confusion, any irritation or frustration, any grief or sorrow, any rejection or insecurity or loneliness or isolation or separation, any possessive love or jealousy or idolatry, any sloth or impatience, any avarice or covetousness or envy, any gluttony or lust. Lord I ask that you cut through the bondage that this child might be free from them, and they from him that he might be enabled to love them with your love, and that he might see himself and know himself and love himself as you see him and know him and love him.

"We thank you Lord Jesus that this work is complete on your cross and has begun to manifest more perfectly in this child. We ask, Lord that the work you have begun in this child, you might continue to its completion. Thank you Lord Jesus, Thank you Father, Thank you Holy Spirit."

The list that I use is neither essential nor sacred. It is one that has grown up with me in this ministry. God may well give you a similar list that is different. Always remember He is the sole authority in exorcism or deliverance.


When we have done the preparation, I will place my hand in the small of the back, and command Satan and all his angels of darkness to depart. I will pray something like, "Satan, I bind you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and I command you by the power of His most precious blood that you depart from this child. Leave him and trouble him no more. I command you to go to Jesus to find your appointed place. This is not your place. I will continue that prayer while the spirit is moving up from the belly, and out of the person. I will often feel the spirit move in the back muscles as it seems to move from the viscera, up the spine, into the respiratory system, and out of the body with a manifestation of breathing in some form.

I will continue to command the spirit to leave. Some are reluctant, but all must go. I direct them to Jesus so that He can tell them where to go. When words in English fail, I will often pray in the Spirit, who is able to supply the necessary words.

While there is generally some manifestation of the spirit leaving, it will vary in the person who is being delivered, and we cannot require that all have the same experience. If there is no manifestation, I will usually ask the person to hack like they are a smoker. It will often release the spirit that is ready to leave.

When the exorcism is complete, we need to ask the Lord to fill the person with His Holy Spirit. We know the story of the empty house, and so we seek to leave this one full of Holy Spirit. I pray with my hand on the head of the person, "Lord, we thank you that you have come to baptize us in your Holy Spirit. We pray now that you will increase your Holy Spirit in this child, and bring forth more abundantly and maturely the Fruit of your Spirit, your love, your joy and peace, your patience and gentleness and kindness, your faithfulness and humility and self control. We pray that you will fill all of the empty places so that what has been cast out might not return to dwell here. I ask Lord that you let the fire of your love consume all within that is contrary to your Holy Spirit, that you might dwell with and in this child to keep him safe."


There is no ground for fear. If you have fear, leave the ministry to some else while you pray support. Fear is the devil's tool, and we have been given authority over the devil. We do not work in our own strength, but in the strength of Him who sent us to "Proclaim the Kingdom of God, Heal the Sick, and Cast out demons."

There are times when the spirits will speak to us though the person who is receiving ministry. We are not to enter into any conversation with the spirits. We are to insist that they go to Jesus. He is able to manage the transaction, and does.

The ministry need not be marked with shouting at the spirits. The authority and power does not lie in the volume of the voice but the power of the Name of Jesus. Satan is evil, but he is not deaf. The ministry will often be as easy as pulling a sand spur out of a finger. The person may feel tired or hungry when the ministry is over, but they will also feel an absence of some of the stress that was rooted in the spirit, and increasing freedom as they begin to live into the Spirit of God.

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