When praying with someone for deliverance, there are several things to be borne in mind. The ones who are praying must be of one accord. There must be no fear in any of those who are praying.

The power of the prayer is not determined by the volume of the voice but by the Name of Jesus, by the Power of His Blood, and by the Power of His Holy Cross. Those were the power tools used by the early Christian community.

When we begin to pray, we must ask for accord among the people present, and the presence and power of Holy Spirit to be with us.

We continue by asking for the protection of God in the time of ministry. We might pray something like, "I claim the power and protection of the Blessed Trinity for all of those present and all of those near from every spirit contrary to the Holy Spirit, and I call upon the power of the Name of the Lord Jesus that this child might be set free from all bondage."


I will continue by placing my hand on the top of the head, and asking Jesus to cut through any bonds that might be binding the person. "Lord Jesus, I ask that you take the sword of your Spirit and cut through all of the bonds that bind this child to any other person, to any place, or anything. Cut through any bonds that bind her to mother or father, etc" (I will continue to mention particularly any persons that are close, and to whom they might be bound.) I will continue," Cut through any fear or terror or dread; any anxiety or worry or panic or tension any unforgiveness or resentment or hatred or murder; any self hate or self condemnation or self punishment or self destruction; any anger or hostility or repression or hurt or fury or rage; any self pity or depression or despair; any pride or vanity; any deceit or deception or distraction or confusion; any irritation or frustration or grief or sorrow; any rejection or insecurity or loneliness or isolation or separation; any possessive love or jealousy or idolatry; any sloth or impatience; any covetousness or envy; any gluttony or lust or any other bondage, that they might be set free from every other person or place or thing or situation. to love them with your love. I pray that they will see themselves and know themselves and love themselves, even as you see them and know them and love them. Amen"


Some teach that you are not to touch the person for whom you are praying for deliverance. I have been led by the Lord to place my hand in the small of their back. It is a means the Lord has given me for discernment. Some stand in front of the person and watch their eyes to see what is happening within. My experience is to feel the movement of the spirits within as they manifest in the abdomen and proceed up the back, and out through the respiratory system in some way.

It is sometimes good to start with the top dog. If I have any idea that Satan might be there, I will address him first. "Satan, I rebuke you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and I command you to depart from this child and go to Jesus to find your appointed place. This is not your place. This child does not belong to you. He has been purchased with a price, and you must depart." I will continue to speak that command in English and also in Tongues until I discern that the spirit has left. Usually there is a pronounced manifestation of the departure.

When I have discerned what I believe the next spirit to be, I will command it to go to Jesus. I will say something like, "Spirit of anger, I bind you in the Name of Jesus, and by the power of His most precious Blood, I command you to go to Jesus to be consumed in the fire of His love." I will continue that command until I discern that the spirit has left.


If there seems to be a spirit of a departed person, it is good to assure the person that Jesus loves him, that the peace and love that he has been looking for is to be found with Jesus and that He has prepared a place for him already. I will then say something like, "I absolve you from all of your sins in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, and I tell you that you are free to go on to Jesus. Go to the Light, the Shining One. The Light will not burn. He loves you and wants you to come to Him."

I will also ask Jesus to come and take his hand to lead him out of the person and help him find the place that is his. I will continue urging the spirit to go on with Jesus. When he is gone, I tell him good bye. There are some spirits more reluctant that others in this process, but most will leave with Jesus when He comes to take their hand.


In dealing with alters in persons who have a Multiple Personality Disorder, the effort must be made to assist the alters to reenter the host from whom they have come out.

The apparent purpose of alters dissociating through some trauma is to protect the host from some outside threat that immobilizes the host. Abuse of some kind is one of the common causes of dissociation. When the alter emerges, it is usually angry at the perpetrator, for the abuse; the host, for knuckling under to the perpetrator, and God, for letting it happen.

If the alter does not reenter the host of its own will at some later time, it will assume an identity of its own, and remain within the person, with or without the person's being aware of its being there.

The best way I have found in dealing with alters is to ask them how long they have been there, and why they came out. When that is determined, I will ask them if they are willing to forgive the perpetrator and the host and God. I explain that they don't have to feel like it. They don't even have to be able to forgive, just willing to forgive. I point out that it is gaining nothing. It is not protecting the host, and it is making life hard for both of them.

If they are willing, I will ask them to go back to the experience that gave them birth. I will ask them to visualize all that are there. I will ask them to forgive the perpetrator, to forgive the host, and to forgive God. Then I will ask Jesus to go to that place and enable the alter to release the forgiveness. If they are able to see Jesus present and doing the releasing, I can assure them that there is no danger now, and they are free to reenter the host and have a whole life, and give the host opportunity for a full life also. Those that I have dealt with have decided to reenter the host and restore the integrity that was lost at the dissociation.


When we are working with the contents of a human being, we never leave one empty. When something has been removed from a person through exorcism or deliverance, we ask for God to fill the inner voids with the presence of Holy Spirit. I will further ask for Him to bring forth the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gift of Wisdom. That which has been cast out must not return to find the house empty and clean.

I will pray to following prayer. "Lord, Jesus, we thank you that you have come to baptize us with your Holy Spirit and with fire. Come now and increase your Holy Spirit in this child, and bring forth within her the fruit of your Holy Spirit, your love and joy and peace, your patience and gentleness and kindness, your faithfullness and humility and integrity (self control, meaning that the ego is under the control of the Spirit. I prefer the use of integrity because it means that the Lord is in control) that she may be at one with herself and with You. Bring forth within her the gift of wisdom. Open her eyes that she might see you more clearly, and the path you have called her to walk in. Open her ears to hear your voice even unto obedience, and close her ears to any voice contrary to your own. Grant her the strength and courage to walk in the unfolding revelation of your love that she might know the perfect freedom of your service."

"We thank you Lord that all of this was completed on your Cross and that you have begun to manifest it more perfectly in this child. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Amen"

When the voids created by the deliverance are filled, with Holy Spirit and the fruit, the immeidate task is complete, and the session is over. There should be some care taken that there is aftercare available in the event that something was missed in the prayer session and further cleanup is needed. It is well for the person undergoing the exorcism to remain in touch with the exorcists until they stabilize in the new Spirit that is in the place of that which has been cast out.

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